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PPE Tracker

PPE Tracker management helps businesses manage their PPE stock levels in a hassle-free manner.

Some key features of PPE Tracker app

Customized Reports

PPE Tracker management software can also provide you customized reports regarding how much stock is ..

Low stock alerts

If your stock is running low, your PPE Stock management system will send you alerts.

Customizable tracking

Help you keep track of who issued the PPE, who the PPE was issued to & also track your goods by categorizing ..

Remote access

App will cache info entered offline & then synchronize changes with the server when the device goes online ..

Eye, Head, Hearing & Body Protection

The four primary types of PPE inventory are for eye, head, hearing, and body protection.


Face shields, safety goggles, and visors, that protect your eyes from hazards.


Examples of head protection PPE includes things like hats, helmets, and hoods.


Protect you from loud noises. Examples include like ear plugs and earmuffs.


Full-body PPE inventory contains chemical suits, flame-resistant suits, and aprons.

PPE Coordinators

PPE Coordinators are allowed to take / transfer inventory off the shelf. At this point the PPE Inventory is “assigned” to the PPE Coordinator… but to issue to Field Personnel.

Track the GPS location

Inventory management software can help you keep track of who issued the PPE, who the PPE was issued to and also track your goods by categorizing them based on the location where it is available or the category.

Business Location

PPE Purchaser – Buys the PPE and places it on the shelf at the business head quarters. Headquarters shows how mush product was taken off the shelf by the PPE Coordinators so they can record quantity and cost at their level.

Field Inventory

PPE Coordinator has inventory assigned to him (from the shelf). He shows how much inventory he has with quantity and costs. He issues the PPE out. When the he issues the PPE, then the cost is deducted from his inventory level.

Our PPE Management System offers businesses a holistic review of their stock and PPE utilization at each step with cutting-edge proficiency and systematic accuracy in inventory tracking.
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