About PPE Tracker

PPE inventory management helps businesses manage their PPE stock levels in a hassle-free manner.
PPE inventory management software offers you a comprehensive overview of the inventory you have, helping you ensure you always have enough stock on hand.

What Is a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects individuals from workplace hazards. Medical personnel rely on PPE to prevent disease transmissions while tending for affected patients.

Some examples of essential PPEs include:

  • Safety (High Impact) Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Portable H2S Monitors
  • Hard Hats
  • FRC – Fire Retardant Clothing
  • Hearing Protection
  • Foot Protection
  • Hi-Vis Vests
  • Fall Protection

What are the 4 types of PPE?

The four primary types of PPE inventory are for eye, head, hearing, and body protection.
  • Eye Protection: This involves PPE like face shields, safety goggles, and visors, that protect your eyes from hazards.
  • Head Protection: Examples of head protection PPE includes things like hats, helmets, and hoods.
  • Hearing Protection:  This includes devices that protect you from loud noises. Examples include things like earplugs and earmuffs.
  • Body Protection: Full-body PPE inventory contains chemical suits, flame-resistant suits, and aprons.

How to track my PPE Inventory?

Maintaining the right level of inventory is crucial, especially during the pandemic. A PPE inventory management system helps you do this in real-time sending alerts when stock levels are low thus ensuring your team and customers never run out of inventory.

What is real-time PPE inventory management and why does it matter?

Real-time PPE inventory management is crucial since it keeps you updated about your stock levels in real-time, and helps you restock immediately if your materials are running low.

What is the best program to keep track of PPE inventory?

PPE inventory management software from PPE Count helps you efficiently keep track of your entire Oil & Gas inventory. It further helps you scan and identify the correct materials levels for storage, maintain a database of all your Safety materials, verify PPE inventory storage burn rate, and communicate effectively for ordering to maintain build-to levels, among other things.

Burn Rate – PPECount will calculate the number of full boxes of each type of PPE in stock (Safety Glasses, High Impact gloves, H2S Monitors, Hi-Vis Vests, for example) and the total number of Field Workers at your company, if applicable. The PPECount App will calculate the average consumption rate, also referred to as a “burn rate,” for each type of PPE entered. This information can then be used to estimate how long the remaining supply of PPE will last, based on the average consumption rate. Using the calculator can help your facility make order projections for future needs.

Some key features of PPECount inventory and management mobile app software:

Customized reports:

PPECount management software can also provide you customized reports regarding how much stock is available, costs, burn rate, issuing agents etc. This can be useful if you need to share reports with management,  safety compliance committees in the oil and gas industry or local government authorities.

Low stock alerts:

If your stock is running low, your PPE Stock management system will send you alerts. This will help you restock in time and continue maintaining the required safety measures.

Customizable tracking:

Inventory management software can help you keep track of who issued the PPE, who the PPE was issued to and also track your goods by categorizing them based on the location where it is available or the category.

Remote access:

In Oil & Gas many locations (especially drilling) are remote… continue to use PPECount and once in range the app will cache info entered offline and then synchronize all offline changes with the server when the device goes online again.